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Welcome to PointView Cycle KTM Engine Rebuild Service Center. Since 1999 we have been a leader in the powersports industry. We offer all of your motorcycle or atv complete engine rebuild services or individual components. If you race supercross, motocross, off-road or just trail ride we can build you a custom race set up or even if you are looking for just reliable at a good price. We strive to give our customers the most reliable performance for their money. With our combined 40 plus years experience, we have seen alot of factory and large name brand companies set ups and specifications. So if you need a specific race set up or just a bullet proof trail bike.
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Don't wait till you scatter your engine. With today's high performance, high reving racing engines the cylinder head, cylinder and piston should be maintanced every 15 - 30 hours or you may chance suffering severe damage. We offer a variety cylinder head rebuild and engine rebuild services to suit your needs. Or if you have already had severe damage, don't throw money away and buy new when you can fix what you have for a fraction of the cost of new.

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PointView Cycle Valve Train ServiceWe soda blast clean the cylinder heads before inspection. Then we surface the gasket surface areas to ensure that the areas are flat before machining. Then the cylinder head is machine cut 5 angle seat profile designed to increase air-flow and port velocity on a machine center also ensure valve seat profile consistency. Then the cylinder head is hand washed and painted to ensure longevity. Then assembled including cam install and valve shim set up (parts not included) and pressure tested.

PointView Cycle Cylinder Bore ServiceWe blast clean the cylinder for inspection before boring. Then we surface the gasket surface areas to ensure that the areas are flat before boring. Then the cylinder is bored on a vertical machine to ensure bore consistency. Then the cylinder is hand washed and painted to ensure longevity.

PointView Cycle Beryllium Copper Seat and Bronze Guide InstallationRace engines use Titanium valves for a reason. Titanium valves are half the weight but softer than stainless valves so they wear much faster. That enables lighter spring pressures. Lighter spring pressures doesn't hammer the valve against the seat as hard and lighter valves create less inertia. Less reciprocating mass means more acceleration and peak RPM. Beryllium Copper Alloy intake seats that are 100% compatible with Titanium valves. Stainless valves in a race engine reduces the RPM's and creates a power loss that is to great for most competition needs. For trail riding, slower revs, lower top RPM and if a few less HP is not a major issue then stainless is the way to go. Stainless wears a lot better on stock seats and even longer with special alloy seats.

We offer these services to dealers as well.